Hunt for Seashells on Holden Beach

Hunt for Seashells on Holden Beach

Do you and your family have a vacation planned for Holden Beach soon? If the answer is yes, then we want to share with you some of the seashells you’ll find on the beach. Staying in one of our Oceanfront vacation rentals will allow your family to be close to the surf and sand. Let’s look below at what seashells you’ll be able to find on the shoreline here in Holden Beach.

Scotch Bonnet

Hunt for Seashells on Holden Beach

Did you know that the state of North Carolina has its very own seashell? Yes, it’s real, and we promise you that you will see this shell on the beaches of the North Carolina Coastline. The Scotch Bonnet is the official shell of NC, and it’s one that you will often find while the kids are playing or looking for shells. These shells are often characterized by their shape, which looks like a bonnet and has short spirals and a distinguished pattern of orange squares. These aren’t big shells and will typically only be around 3” when they are fully grown.

Moon Snail

A moon snail is often called a “shark eye” because of its color and look. They usually are a gray color with a glossy outside that, if looked at just right, it does look like an eye of a shark. These aren’t large shells, and they make an excellent decoration for sandcastles that the kids will be building while on vacation. They are also an excellent shell to decorate with paint to give them a little more pizzazz to them and could keep them as souvenirs.

Calico Scallop

Hunt for Seashells on Holden Beach

Have you ever seen a scallop at the aquarium before but wondered if you could find them on the beaches in NC? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck as they are often found here on the beaches of Holden Beach. The Calico Scallop is often seen in colors of reds, pinks, oranges, purples, and browns. They are often mistaken as being Atlantic Bay Scallops, which are generally black, dark grey, red and yellow. Either way, both of these shells are most common on the beaches and within the sand.

Banded Tulip

A Banded Tulip is often found in the Holden Beach area and is one that you will have to see. It’s a thin-looking shell that is parallel in shape and gray with olive green splotches on it. This shell usually is about 2-4 inches long and is one that the kids will go nuts about. These can often be found near the shoreline, and if you sit in the sand and dig a little, you will find a ton of.

While there are many other shells that you will be able to find on the beach, these are the few we wanted to share with you. If you haven’t booked your next vacation in an Oceanfront vacation rental, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next vacation to Holden Beach this fall!

Don’t Miss the 2020 Holden Beach Concert Series

Don’t Miss the 2020 Holden Beach Concert Series

It’s hard to believe that it’s May already, and the 2020 Holden Beach Concert Series will begin soon. This year you and your family can stay in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals and will be able to enjoy live music. Holden Beach is an excellent destination to vacation with your family, and there are many things you can do together. Let’s look below at the details of the 2020 Holden Beach Concert Series.

2020 Holden Beach Concert Series Lineup

Don’t Miss the 2020 Holden Beach Concert Series
  • May 24th – Steve Owens & Summertime
  • May 31st – Band of Oz
  • Jun2 7th – Cat5 Band
  • June 14th – The Extraordinaires
  • June 21st – North Tower
  • June 28th – The Main Event Band
  • July 5th – The Tams
  • July 12th – Jim Quick & Coastline
  • July 19th – Blackwater Rhythm & Blues
  • July 26th – The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
  • August 2nd – Carolina Breakers
  • August 9th – Too Much Sylvia
  • August 16th – Tim Clark
  • August 23rd – The Entertainers
  • August 30th – Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
  • September 6th – The Imitations

A Little More Information on the Concert Series

Don’t Miss the 2020 Holden Beach Concert Series

The Holden Beach Concert Series has been going on for years, and it’s where you and the family can go listen to live music for free. They will be on every Sunday evening beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at 8:00 pm. Every week the concerts will be held at the Pavilion that is under the Holden Beach bridge. There will be refreshments for you and your family to purchase, so be sure to bring some cash with you. When it’s time to head out to the concert, bring your beach chairs or towels to sit on as you listen and dance together!

Summer is quickly coming, and now is the time to book your family vacation with us. We still have plenty of Holden Beach vacation rentals that will accommodate your whole family. We look forward to seeing you and your family this summer and hope to see you at the concerts too!

Don’t Miss These Fun Events Happening in October

Don’t Miss These Fun Events Happening in October

Are you and your family taking a vacation to the Southern Coast of North Carolina in October? If the answer is yes, then we have to tell you about the fun events that are happening locally. Staying in one of our Condo rentals will keep you and your family close to where the fun is happening. Let’s look below at some of the fun events that are happening during the month of October on the coast.

39th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival

39th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival

The North Carolina Oyster Festival is well known to many who visit the area during the fall months. This is the 39th year that the festival has been going on and you won’t want to miss it this year. The North Carolina Oyster Festival is being hosted in Ocean Isle Beach which is just a short drive from Holden Beach on October 19th & 20th. There will be plenty of things that everyone in the family can enjoy such as arts & crafts, live entertainment and of course the one reason to visit, oysters. This is a festival that you will want to return to year after year for the amazing things you can enjoy at the 39th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival!

Boo at the Beach

If you have kids in your family, then this event is for you. The Town of Holden Beach is hosting “Boo at the Beach” this year and it’s an event your kids are going to love. Happening on Saturday, October 19th at the Pavilion is where you can bring the family for some trick or treating fun. This event is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and is fun for everyone in the family. Some of the fun things that will be happening at the event is carnival games and candy. And to help make the day even better is they will be providing a Free 5K Color Run beginning at 9:00 am. What a great day of fun to spend and make new memories with the family together with joining in this fun event!

Fun Day at Sunset at Sunset Festival

39th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival

Sunset Beach is hosting their very own fall festival this year called “Sunset at Sunset Festival”. This is a community block party with many local vendors and locals who like to celebrate fall at the beach. You can get several things from this festival from food to live music there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Plus you will be able to get several different arts & crafts from local vendors to give as a gift or you can keep them to remember this fun trip. This even will be happening on October 5th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Don’t miss this fun day spending it with friends and family.

No matter what kind of event you’re looking for on your next family vacation, we can tell you these events above you won’t want to miss. If you haven’t booked your next family vacation to Holden Beach this October, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you make new memories together by joining in the fun events happening locally!

Where to Get Coffee at While on Vacation to Holden Beach

Where to Get Coffee at While on Vacation to Holden Beach

Are you headed to Holden Beach for vacation soon and you’re wondering where you can get coffee at in Holden Beach? If the answer is yes, then we at Holden Beach Vacations know where you can go and grab a cup of coffee in the area. Many locals love to get a cup of coffee on their way into the work or just to have as a pick me up from many of these local coffee shops. If you are staying with us in one of our Holden Beach house rentals, then you won’t be too far from some good coffee. Let’s look at our top picks for where you too can grab a cup of coffee at while on vacation.

Ocean Boulevard Coffee

Where to Get Coffee at While on Vacation to Holden Beach

Ocean Boulevard Coffee is located in the heart of Holden Beach and is a favorite among the locals. Here you ae able to grab a hot or cold up of coffee, Chai Tea, Flavored Lattes and even Iced Tea. You can also get some of the daily specials or enjoy a fruit smoothie. Another kind of drink you can try would be their OBC Specialty Drinks which happen to include Bella’s BonBon, Darla’s Dream and more. Don’t miss out on this coffee shop while you are on vacation this spring and summer!

Café Ahora

Just before you reach the island you will find a quaint little coffee shop called Café Ahora. Here you will be able to grab yourself a cup of coffee and a few special treats. They have several different coffee options for you to choose from such as a hot cup of coffee to a Cold Brew. You can also get a smoothie or another kind of drink for the rest of the family to enjoy. Treat yourself and family to a Chocolate Chip Cookie or a Freshly Baked Muffin. What more could you ask for in a local coffee shop?


Where to Get Coffee at While on Vacation to Holden Beach

Drift is another favorite among many locals and has a different but unique vibe to it. You will be able to find this coffee shop in nearby Ocean Isle Beach and you are able to get different kinds of drinks and food here. From an Americano, Espresso and Drip Coffee to an Iced Americano and Milkshake with Coffee, you won’t want to try anything else again. They also offer their customers Holistic Drinks that are served with almond milk such as Matcha Latte, Beet Latte, and a Golden Latte. Don’t forget to grab a little breakfast while you are here such as their Avocado Smash, Ham Egg & Cheddar or a Market Bowl Breakfast.

Cappuccino by the Sea

Cappuccino by the Sea has been open for 25 years and they aren’t like any other coffee shop in the area. Here you and your family will be able to visit, paint some pottery, shop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or two. Fresh coffee is brewed every morning and afternoon and you will find Columbian coffee here. During the summer months you will be able to cold coffee along with coffee ice cubes. As the ice melts your coffee may get stronger which only makes the coffee better. You are also to grab a few of other drinks such as Chai Tea, Lemonade and hot chocolate. Don’t miss this gem on your next vacation this year.

 While there are other options for coffee shops in the area, these are the few we’d thought you would enjoy. If you are still on the hunt for a place to stay this year, then check out our Holden Beach house rentals today. We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next vacation to the area!

What To Do When It Rains On Your Beach Vacation

Nobody expects it to rain on their vacation so most people don’t plan for it. If you don’t have a list of ideas of things to do during inclement weather you’re going to be sitting in your vacation rental  with nothing to do but watch tv. We have a list of 10 super ideas for things you and your family can do if it rains on your vacation while you’re in Holden Beach North Carolina.

10 Things to Do When it Rains on Vacation

  1. Go to the Movies – The closest movie theatre is Coastal Stadium 10 in nearby Shallotte, NC. With 10 big screens you’ll have an assortment of choices for movies. Location: 5200 Bridgers Road, Shallotte, NC.
  2. Bring the Movies to You – Redbox offers unlimited movies that you can rent and watch right in your vacation rental. Pick up a half dozen or so and spend binge-watching while relaxing. At various locations: 3045 Holden Beach Rd SW, 1138 Sabbath Home Rd. SW or 1100 Sabbath Home Rd. SW, Holden Beach.
  3. Walk in the Rain – As long as there’s no lightning or thunder in the area, grab an umbrella, put on flip flops, and go for a walk along the beach. Location: Just outside your door.
    10 Things to Do When it Rains on Vacation
  4. Visit an Art Gallery – The Kd Morris Art Gallery & Wine Shop is where you’ll find an eclectic assortment of fine art, jewelry, pottery and other collectibles made by regional artists along with boutique wines from around the world. Location: 3422 Holden Beach Rd., Holden Beach.
  5. Check out the Museum of Coastal Carolina – The Museum of Coastal Carolina has many themed galleries with outstanding dioramas and exhibits about the natural history, environment, and culture of the Coastal Carolinas. Special programs held daily. Location: 21 East Second Street, Ocean Isle Beach.
    10 Things to Do When it Rains on Vacation
  6. Ingram Planetarium is where you can experience Laser Light & Music Shows, free science-related programs, learn about the prehistoric adventure of sea monsters, and enjoy star shows. Location: 7625 High Market Street, Sunset Beach, NC.
    10 Things to Do When it Rains on Vacation
  7. Bowling, Arcades & Mini-GolfPlanet Fun offers 32 lanes for bowling, laser tag, indoor mini-golf, jungle gym, bounce house and more! Location: 349 Whiteville Road, Shallotte, NC.
    10 Things to Do When it Rains on Vacation
  8. Broadway at the Beach – There is something for everyone here and you’re guaranteed to spend an entire and part of the evening staying occupied with shopping, dining in a large assortment of restaurants, and enjoying amusements such as MagiQuest, Ripley’s Aquarium, Palace Theatre, WonderWorks and so much more! Location: 1325 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC.
    10 Things to Do When it Rains on Vacation
  9. Barefoot Landing – More than 100 shops and restaurants for the whole family’s enjoyment. There’s plenty to see and do including a reptile park, live music, and a carousel. Attractions include Alligator Adventure, House of Blues, Alabama Theatre, and so much more! Location: 4898 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC.
  10. Wilmington Trolley Co. Tours – Hop onto a trolley and weave through the bumpy cobblestone streets and hear the stories of the homes, people, and events that make Wilmington the historical city it is. The 45-minute tours depart from Water Street between Market and Dock Streets. Location: 460 Baytree Rd, Wilmington, NC

We want you to make the most of your vacation whether the weather is beautiful or it’s pouring rain. If you’ve been considering a move to the area, there’s nothing like a few rainy days to get vacationers perusing the local real estate. Get in touch with us at Brunswickland Realty if you’d like to look at properties now or in the future.