How to Have the Perfect Family Vacation at Holden Beach

Mother and father with their children standing on the beach with suitcases. Concept of the family vacation and tourism.

Holden Beach is a quaint little town nestled along the southern coast of North Carolina, close to Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. Holden Beach Vacations provides the perfect backdrop for a week filled with sun, fun, and relaxation. Staying in an Oceanfront vacation rental will keep your family wanting to return for years. Look below at how your family can have the perfect vacation to Holden Beach.

Family-Friendly Activities

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Holden Beach is a beach that holds many different things for people of all ages to enjoy. A favorite among our guests is heading to the beach in the morning just before it gets busy to hunt for shark teeth among the seashells. Another thing you can look forward to if you’re coming in May is the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program, where you can enjoy some educational talks and maybe get a glimpse of a turtle nest or two. Another great thing you can do in the area is rent a bicycle for everyone in the family and ride along the island for some sightseeing.

Dining Out

Did you know no vacation is complete unless you’ve eaten at a local restaurant? Holden Beach will not disappoint any of our guests, as there are plenty of local places to dine. A family favorite for many guests is Mermaids Island Grill, open daily at 11:30 am. Check out Dock House Seafood or Castaways Raw Bar & Grill if you want something different. There is something for everyone here on the island or close by to pick from.

Making Memories

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To make your family vacation truly memorable, here are a few unique local experiences to try.

  • Sunset Family Picnic: Pack a picnic and head to the island’s west end to watch a stunning sunset while eating dinner.
  • Local Arts & Crafts: Visit a local art gallery or create some crafts in your vacation rental. Create souvenirs to share with friends and family back home and think of how unique they indeed are.
  • Early Morning Beach Walks: One of the benefits of staying in an Oceanfront vacation rental is easy access to the beach. Watch the sunrise over the horizon as you possibly sip on a cup of coffee while enjoying the peaceful sounds of the waves in the background.

Make your stay with us at Holden Beach Vacations nothing short of amazing. Combining a comfortable, inviting vacation rental and the number of activities can make it easy to enjoy every moment. Holden Beach has become the perfect destination for all families looking to create lasting memories in a serene, relaxed setting.