Plan Ahead and Book Your Winter Rentals Now

Man shovelling snow from walkway outside house

For those that want to escape the cold winter ahead and spend part, if not all of it, in a warmer climate, now is the time to book your winter rental! The winter rentals we can provide you with in Holden Beach are available at a fraction of their in-season rental price yet still provide top notch amenities.

We understand the desire to escape the cold and snow if only for a few weeks. Come to Holden Beach where you can warm up and wait out winter on the golf courses! You can arrive early and work at perfecting your game, before the warm weather players make their arrival.

child shoveling

In full disclosure we should tell you that once you spend part of a winter here you man not want to return to the cold north again. That happens to many winter vacationing families.

We can show you around neighborhoods to find that perfect forever home for you. That’s what many people do after they’ve gotten tired of the cold and snow. With a lower cost of living here as well as far more reasonable real estate prices and taxes than they’re used to, it’s a great temptation that many happily succumb to.

Take your time looking over the properties we have available as winter rentals. They each come with their own variety of amenities. Things like a fireplaces, Jacuzzis, swimming pool, DVDs, Internet and flat screen TVs are just a few worth mentioning. Winter doesn’t get much warmer than this. You’re going to love it here! We promise!