Real Estate Yields Require Patience

With the New Year just around the corner this could be the year you become a new homeowner. Along with a new year comes the hope of a recovering economy that is already showing re-growth. So at the very least how about considering investing in vacation rental beach property to add to your income potential. Ocean Isle Beach short sales are a great way to purchase a property and at a huge savings to you.

Ocean Isle Beach short salesHomeownership, just like real estate investments, are ideally suited for people in it for the long haul. Buying a home to be your residence is setting down roots and becoming part of a community. Purchasing property for investment purposes will take time to earn you a fair profit on your initial investment.

If you have patience and watch the market, there are occasionally properties such as Ocean Isle Beach short sales that are too good of a deal to pass up. Take a closer look at them, call the listing agent, do a walk through but most importantly of all, look at the numbers. If you’re considering it as an investment purchase, study the cash flow history for the property. Will you need to wait 3-5 years to realize a positive cash flow? If so, you might want to pass on that particular property and wait for one offering a greater investment yield in a shorter amount of time.

At Brunswickland Realty we'd like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

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