Things to do to get the most for your Holden Beach real estate

We are currently in a buyers’ market. In this type of market there is a larger supply of housing than there is the demand for them. Sellers are not getting their original asking price but there are some minor to moderately priced improvements that should provide returns from 110% to 300% plus. This will help realize your asking price or possibly more for your Holden Beach real estate.

  1. Clean the house. This is a crucial one especially for those open houses. A messy, cluttered home leaves a negative impression no matter how nice the home truly is.
  2. Install natural, brighter lighting. This type of lighting seems to be inviting and can accent the décor or your home.
  3. Plant some flowers and clean the yard. You can see the difference yourself. Drive through your neighborhood and see the difference in homes with and without flowers. They bring life and beauty to a property and obviously a clean yard is crucial.
  4. Paint the house. Whether it’s just a wall inside or the whole exterior needs to be painted. It’s not a very expensive improvement especially if you do it yourself and it can really make your home visually appealing.
  5. Clean and repair the floors. Sweep, mop, and vacuum. If tiled floors are damaged, fix them. If carpets are stained/dirty, replace or clean them. You can rent a carpet shampooer for less than $50.
  6. Fix all electrical and plumbing issues. Fix light switches and leaky faucets and toilets.
  7. Contemporary bathrooms and kitchens may be more financially draining but can add value to your home and are very appealing. There are many types of style to choose and a cost effectively option is out there.

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