Fun Things To Do In Holden Beach: Kite Flying

When it comes to finding fun things to do in Holden Beach, North Carolina, you now have something brand new to consider. The Holden Beach Kites & Flag Company just opened for business. Get ready to play like a kid again!


There are all types of kites available in today’s market. To name a few there are barn door kites that can fly without tails, three dimensional cellular kites, delta kites (also called stunt kites), the most common diamond kites, rokkaku or rok kites (of Japanese origin), roller kite, sled kites, and fighter kites. More and more novelty kites are being designed every year so no matter what your skill level, from beginner to seasoned pro, there’s sure to be the perfect one for you at the new Holden Beach Kites & Flag Company.

If you were fortunate to attend their huge kick-off party you know how much fun it was! There’s one thing Holden Beach residents and visitors alike enjoy and that’s a big party! There was plenty to see, do, and best of all, to eat. The kids enjoyed lots of inflatable games…as well as more than a few adults that we saw!

The beach is one of the best places for kite flying because there’s nearly always an ocean breeze. Check your local weather station before heading out to be sure there are light to moderate winds. You’re not looking for gale force winds as they will likely destroy your kite. Wind speeds of 5 to 15 mph are ideal.

Stay away from buildings, power lines, trees and anything under foot that you could trip over. Ideally you want to fly your kite in wide, open spaces using lots of string. With your kite tied to the string, raise your arm and run with the kite until the wind catches it. Once that happens give it lots of string, being sure to keep the line taut.

Pay attention to any kite you have up in the sky and don’t abandon it. You control it by how much string you let out but remember, you’ll have to reel it all back in when you’re done for the day. Sudden changes in wind direction or speed can send your kite into a nosedive. If this happens, pull the string tighter to give the kite more lift. Avoid letting your kite crash nose first into the ground and you’ll extend its life indefinitely.

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