Holden Beach vacation rentals


Holden Beach vacation rentals in North Carolina are a great destination for the whole family. These rentals offer families a vacation experience of a lifetime at one of the nicest family beach destinations in the country. Wake to the sounds of soft rolling waves, gulls fishing in the surf, and a spectacular sunrise giving way to a clear Carolina blue sky. Wade the warm tidal pools of low tide while you search for that special seashell, dig for fresh clams, or just lay back and bask in the warm South Carolina sun.

Located between the popular beaches of Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach, SC, Holden Beach is the northernmost of three islands known as the South Brunswick Islands. A quiet destination spot, Holden Beach is mainly residential, but you will find a couple of quite good restaurants here as well as inexpensive Holden Beach vacation rentals. Grocery stores, gift shops, ice cream shops and other specialty stores can be found lining the causeway leading to the highrise bridge that provides spectacular views as you descend to the island. The island itself has a fishing pier and the beaches provide access to all the beach activities you can imagine.

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