Make An Offer They Won't Refuse

North Carolina beach real estateOnce your loan preapproval is behind you and you’re looking at North Carolina beach real estate, in a short time you will find a property that you want to buy. The offer is the first step in the negotiation process. An appropriate offer includes the price you're offering to pay for the North Carolina beach real estate, your financing terms, and any contingencies.

Begin with a realistic offering price. You want to come up with a price based on similar North Carolina beach real estate sold in the neighborhood in the past six months. You'll also want to keep the local conditions in mind. In other words, if houses are selling quickly and many houses are receiving multiple offers, you'll need to bid competitively. Higher bids will take priority and get noticed.

The second option to include in your offer is realistic financing terms. If you're pre-approved for a loan, be sure to include that in the offer so the seller knows you're serious.

And finally, include a property inspection clause. This gives the buyers and sellers a certain amount of time to either fix what needs fixing, agree to proceed without having it fixed, or allowing the buyer to walk away with his deposit (but not his property inspection fee). Property inspections are critical for peace of mind and if a bank is providing a mortgage they will require one be done.

Most offers include a deadline for a response, perhaps three days. Counter offers often have 24 hours to respond so be able to be reached during this critical time. Everything needs to be put in writing. Don't rely on verbal agreements for anything.

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