Making That Offer On a Home

As a real estate company in the Brunswick Islands of South Carolina we have many fine Holden Beach real estate listings that we can show you. If you have any questions about buying and selling real estate we can answers those for you. But when it comes to making an offer on a home you want to buy you need to know that there are many factors other than price that influence a seller’s acceptance of your offer. Factors such as the following:

Holden Beach real estate listings1.    Down Payment – A large down payment is a good indicator that you can obtain a mortgage.
2.    Type of Financing – Sellers incur costs when buyers use FHA and VA financing.
3.    Closing Date – Sellers like quick closing dates and don't want to wait until you sell your house if they avoid it.
4.    Contingencies – The more contingencies you put in the your contract the more likely it is to be turned down over another.
5.    Motivation – This applies to both the seller and buyer. What are the buyer’s plans for the property and why is the seller selling?
6.    Market Conditions – Whether it’s a buyers or sellers market will affect how fast an offer is likely to be accepted.
7.    Negotiations – How flexible are you on what you’re willing to pay?

As you can see having a market strong in Holden Beach real estate listings is just one part of becoming a new homeowner. Submitting an appropriate offer that is likely to be accepted is a whole other part. Let Brunswickland Realty advise you when it comes to negotiating for Holden Beach real estate listings. We know real estate well. It’s what we do.

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