Our Vacation Rentals Go Fast, So Book Sooner Rather Than Later

Some people enjoy coming to the beach in the middle of summer and feel that the hotter it is the better. Others like to come early in the season or late. Still other people prefer the off-season when rates are at their lowest and there are no crowds and no waiting in lines anywhere. Whichever you prefer we recommend you make your reservations soon because our houses get booked up fast.

Holden beach vacation rentals in springHolden beach vacation rentals in spring are a hot commodity among the vacationers coming down from the north. While we’re in the spring season, most of them are still buried in cold and snow and wanting to get away. It’s a breath of fresh air for them to come visit Holden Beach and stay in one of our vacation rentals here. Therefore, don’t wait until a week or two or three before you want to arrive to book your rental or you may sadly be disappointed.

If you’re a repeat visitor to the area and you’ve stayed in one of our Holden beach vacation rentals in spring that you and your family were completely happy with, consider making next year’s reservation while you’re still here. All it will require is a small deposit to hold the reservation period for you. It’s really never too early to put a deposit down on a vacation rental. Some people will book their vacation rental years in advance. It’s just a guaranteed way of getting the rental you want, when you want it.

Holden beach vacation rentals in springIf you opt to go on the waiting list for a rental property you delayed in reserving, you’d better keep your schedule flexible. There are occasions when people can’t keep their reservation due to illness or weather or other unforeseen events — that’s a golden opportunity for you to get the vacation rental of your dreams! We’d prefer to have someone we can call that is waiting for a rental than to have it be empty due to a last minute cancellation.

For those that would prefer to talk to someone at Brunswickland Realty to make their reservations or to get onto a wait list, please call us at 800-842-6949 and we’d be happy to help you.

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