Spending Valentine’s Day on Holden Beach

valentines day

If you want to do something special for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, it’s not too early to make those plans. Don’t let this be another year where there are flowers and candy and not much else other than maybe dinner out. Let this be the year you go the extra mile and take it over the top by spending Valentine’s Day in our holiday accommodations on Holden Beach along the North Carolina coastline.

Where to Stay

The first thing you should do when planning a romantic beach vacation is to make your reservations early for that perfect place among our vacation rentals in Holden Beach. That way you’ll know you have the perfect spot to spend the holiday. Look at the amenities that each property offers and how they may benefit you on this most romantic holiday vacation away together.

Romantic Ideas

As the day approaches think about how you’d like to spend the time together. Many people will take this year’s Valentine’s Day and spread it out into a full weekend celebration since it’s on a Tuesday this year. Think about a candlelit dinner on the beach. Or enjoy a leisurely breakfast together while watching the sun come up seemingly out of the ocean. Slow dancing on the beach under the stars with your favorite tunes playing from your phone are memories neither one of you will soon forget.

romantic love

Holiday Accommodations

Our holiday accommodations come fully furnished and beautifully decorated with beach decor. They all have their own well-equipped kitchens and dining areas so if you wanted to prepare a meal and eat in you could do that. Perhaps you don’t cook. No problem! Many of the larger grocery stores have ready-to-go meals that you can order ahead of time. Choose the types of food you want for your dinner and simply pick them up from the grocery store when they are ready. You won’t have to cook or clean and will have more time to enjoy the precious moments of your romantic beach holiday together.

Go ahead and make plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day vacation away this year to Holden Beach, NC, then plan on enjoying each other rather than getting caught up in all the commercialism of the holiday.

If you have any questions about our accommodations please just give Brunswickland Realty a call at 800-842-6949. We look forward to adding to your special holiday!