3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants to Try in Holden Beach

Do you and your family have a vacation planned to visit Holden Beach this year and are looking for an excellent kid-friendly restaurant? Then look no further as we at Holden Beach Vacations have picked three restaurants that we recommend you try. Staying in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals will keep you and your family close to some of these fantastic restaurants. Let’s look below at our top 3 kid-friendly restaurants to try on your next visit to Holden Beach.

Patronies Pizza

3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants to Try in Holden Beach

Pizza from Patronies Pizza happens to be a great kid-friendly restaurant on the island. Pizza is a favorite among the kids and adults, as it’s easy to find something on the menu that everyone will love. Not only will you find pizza on the menu, but you’ll find some other great items too. Some of the things you will find on the menu are pizza, heroes, pasta dishes, and more. Patronies also have a great kid menu to choose from, such as chicken tenders and fries and spaghetti. Let’s not forget about their dessert menu, which offers your family cannoli’s, cheesecake, and more!

Simply Barbecue

Another favorite kid-friendly restaurant located in Holden Beach would have to be Simply Barbecue. Known for having a fantastic menu to choose from, including their family meals to go, this restaurant is one of our top picks. Some of the food that your family can enjoy is their pulled pork sandwich, St. Louis Ribs, their dinners to feed the whole family, and more. You can also purchase their “Old Man” dinner, which includes pulled pork, brisket, rack of ribs, sides, cornbread, and an apple crisp. Simply Barbecue is a favorite among the locals, too, and we had to include this in our kid-friendly restaurant’s list.

The Scoop

3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants to Try in Holden Beach

If you’re looking for a great kid-friendly restaurant that offers not only breakfast and lunch items but sweets too, then The Scoop is for you. Kids of all ages love eating at this restaurant as it’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Some of the items you’ll find on the menu are Bagel Sandwiches, Burritos, Waffles, Hot Dogs, and Sandwiches. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, then be sure to try out their ice cream. They have fresh waffle cones, brownies, muffins, floats, and homemade ice cream. We can promise you that this restaurant will become a favorite for your family too! Right now, it is taken out only, but don’t let that stop you from trying this fantastic restaurant out.

While there are many other kid-friendly restaurants located in Holden Beach, we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t booked your next vacation to stay in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, now is the time. We look forward to seeing you and your family on your next vacation and giving these restaurants a try!