Fall Escapes to Holden Beach: Sunsets & Seashells

wood background with fall color leaves with the words in white that say Fall Escapes to Holden Beach: Sunsets & Seashells in cursive

Holden Beach, located on the coast of North Carolina, is a popular coastal destination known for its beautiful beaches and serene atmosphere. This fall season in Holden Beach can be an excellent time to visit due to milder weather and fewer crowds than summer. When you stay in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, you’ll experience some of the following things below.


Gold hued dune grass reflects the late day sun on ocean

Fall in Holden Beach typically brings cooler temperatures than the scorching summer heat. Daytime temperatures can range from the 60s to 70s, making it the perfect month to spend time on the beach. It also rains less in October, making it more likely that your family can enjoy some quality time outdoors rather than indoors.

Beach Activities

While swimming might not be as popular in the fall due to cooler water temperatures, the beach is still an excellent place for walking, shelling, and beachcombing. Make time to build a few sandcastles while playing a few games on the empty beach. Spend the day on the beach with the family, soaking up the rays. The cooler weather can make for comfortable strolls along the shoreline while dipping your feet in the water.


Get out of the crowd to control the spread of infection on empty beach

One good thing about vacationing in the fall is the quieter atmosphere, allowing for a more relaxed and peaceful experience. It’s an excellent time to explore the island or the area or relax on a chair facing the ocean. Walk on the beach during the sunset or explore a new place on your next trip to Holden Beach. Now is your time to unwind and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Booking your next trip to Holden Beach in the fall months is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or life back home. This fall, try one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals; you may fall in love with the beach more this time of the year. Whether you’re a beachcomber, angler, or simply seeking relaxation, Holden Beach has something to offer every traveler.