A Coastal Thanksgiving at Holden Beach

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When celebrating Thanksgiving, the traditional images of cozy fireplaces and roasted turkey dinners may come to mind. However, if you’re searching for a unique and memorable way to spend this holiday, consider swapping the hearth for the sandy shores of Holden Beach. Located on the coast of North Carolina, it offers the perfect setting for a Coastal Thanksgiving that’s both unconventional and unforgettable.

A Beachfront Feast

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Thanksgiving at Holden Beach offers many opportunities to savor a coastal twist on the traditional offerings. Forget the classic turkey and stuffing and instead indulge in fresh seafood caught locally from the Atlantic Ocean. Many local restaurants and seafood markets in the area offer a bounty of shrimp, crab, and more. Picture a Thanksgiving dinner featuring a seafood platter and all the sides served with a lovely coastal breeze and a breathtaking ocean view.

If your family would prefer the traditional Thanksgiving feast, then have no worries; your vacation rental has the perfect kitchen. This fully equipped kitchen lets you and your family cook your dinner at the rental. Instead of dining indoors this Thanksgiving, take advantage of the great outdoors this year and enjoy dinner with stunning beach views.

The Perfect Accommodations

If you’ve never vacationed to Holden Beach for Thanksgiving, you’re in for a treat. Depending on how big your family is will depend on which vacation rental you choose. If you already have your vacation home booked, you’re in for a special treat this year. Our vacation homes will have ample space for the whole family to gather and still not feel on top of each other. The kids will have rooms and a bathroom to share, while the adults will have space. The living areas are large enough for everyone to gather and make new memories.

Family Bonding

A happy teenage boy making bump pass during beach volleyball game with friends for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with the family, and Holden Beach is the perfect place. Engage in a family beach volleyball game, build sandcastles, or simply relax on the beach. Take a long walk after your Thanksgiving dinner and let the kids collect seashells to take home. Relaxing after a day full of food is just what the doctor ordered, and we can promise you that you’ll enjoy every moment of this vacation with the family.

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Holden Beach offers your family a unique and memorable experience that may become a tradition for years. Whether indulging in a seafood feast, a traditional Thanksgiving feast, or exploring some coastal activities, there is something for everyone. So, why not swap the conventional Thanksgiving for a coastal Thanksgiving in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals and create unforgettable memories with the family?

Fall Escapes to Holden Beach: Sunsets & Seashells

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Holden Beach, located on the coast of North Carolina, is a popular coastal destination known for its beautiful beaches and serene atmosphere. This fall season in Holden Beach can be an excellent time to visit due to milder weather and fewer crowds than summer. When you stay in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, you’ll experience some of the following things below.


Gold hued dune grass reflects the late day sun on ocean

Fall in Holden Beach typically brings cooler temperatures than the scorching summer heat. Daytime temperatures can range from the 60s to 70s, making it the perfect month to spend time on the beach. It also rains less in October, making it more likely that your family can enjoy some quality time outdoors rather than indoors.

Beach Activities

While swimming might not be as popular in the fall due to cooler water temperatures, the beach is still an excellent place for walking, shelling, and beachcombing. Make time to build a few sandcastles while playing a few games on the empty beach. Spend the day on the beach with the family, soaking up the rays. The cooler weather can make for comfortable strolls along the shoreline while dipping your feet in the water.


Get out of the crowd to control the spread of infection on empty beach

One good thing about vacationing in the fall is the quieter atmosphere, allowing for a more relaxed and peaceful experience. It’s an excellent time to explore the island or the area or relax on a chair facing the ocean. Walk on the beach during the sunset or explore a new place on your next trip to Holden Beach. Now is your time to unwind and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Booking your next trip to Holden Beach in the fall months is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or life back home. This fall, try one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals; you may fall in love with the beach more this time of the year. Whether you’re a beachcomber, angler, or simply seeking relaxation, Holden Beach has something to offer every traveler.

Top 8 Activities in Holden Beach

Top 8 Activities in Holden Beach

Everyone looks forward to a beach vacation. It’s when they can kick back and relax without a care in the world. While some people want to stay as busy as possible, going non-stop the entire time, we’re more about being low key and taking the easier, slower route. Let’s face it – don’t we rush about enough in our day-to-day lives? Aren’t we supposed to do things differently when we break away for vacation? That would be the “vaca” part – as in vacate your normal mode of operation.

When families come to Holden Beach, NC, for a vacation they can be as laid back as they want. They can sit on the beach in a lounge chair and do nothing but soak up the warming rays of the sun. Or they can take advantage of local events going on around the area and numerous activities. Here are the top 8 activities in Holden Beach this summer that we think you’ll want to check out!

Free Summer Concerts

Every Sunday night through Sept. 6 there are Free Concerts from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Holden Beach Pavilion on Jordan Boulevard, Holden Beach. Bring a chair and your dancing shoes! Music ranges from jazz to rock & roll and beach music to oldies.

March of the Turtles

Holden Beach is a popular sea turtle habitat. During the hatching season from May to October you can watch as hundreds of small sea turtles “boil out” of the sand and march into the ocean during the night. Read more about this Turtle Watch program.

Learn to Surf

a group of teenagers along with an instructor learning how to surf at the beach

You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to surf at the Carolina School of Surf, 118 Ocean Blvd East, Holden Beach. They specialize in kid’s surf camps, private surfing lessons and group surfing lessons.


Lockwood Folly is our local course located at 19 Clubhouse Drive in Holden Beach. This links style course winds its way around salt marshes, creeks, forests, fields and the community. This course gets named “Best Golf Course in Brunswick County” time and time again.

Fishing Charters

Go out on a fishing charter boat and enjoy recreational cruises, family fun fishing charters, Gulf Stream fishing, and ¼ day, ½ day and full day fishing with Catch22 Fishing Charters.

Ice Cream & Mini Golf

You can’t go on vacation and not enjoy at least one game of miniature golf. Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf provides everything you need for a fun memory-making outing for the family. Located at 3354 Holden Beach Rd. SW, Holden Beach.

Explore by Kayak or Bike

Three women riding bikes on the beach

Beach Fun Rentals has several kayak models to choose from to explore the local flat waters and surf the ocean wave. Singles and tandems available. Daily and weekly bicycle rentals include children’s bikes, adult beach cruisers, tandems, and three wheelers.

Jet Ski Rentals

Experience a power packed ride while zooming across the water – something your kids won’t ever forget! Skis can hold up to three people so it’s an excellent choice for a family outing. WaveRunner Jet Skis are available to rent from Holden Beach Watersports at the Holden Beach Marina, 3238 Pompano St. SW, Holden Beach.

When you’re making your plans for a Holden Beach visit be sure to print this list out. Bring it with you and you’ll have leads on fun-filled events that just might make this your best vacation ever!

Things to Do in Holden Beach in January

Things to Do in Holden Beach in January

Are you and your family coming to Holden Beach in January and are looking for fun things to do? We at Holden Beach Vacations can tell you all about the things that you can do together and make new memories together. Staying in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals will keep you and your family close to where the fun is at. Let’s look below at a few things that your family can do while you’re on vacation to Holden Beach below.


Things to Do in Holden Beach in January

Even though it may be January, fishing on Holden Beach is still a fun thing that you can do either together as a family or an outing for one of the kids. Some of the places that you can catch some fish are on the beach and do some surf fishing, head over to the Holden Beach Fishing Pier or take a charter fishing trip. The possibilities are endless when you go fishing with the family while on your next vacation to Holden Beach!

Fun Dinner Shows

If your family is into eating dinner and enjoying some fun entertainment, we suggest that you try out a few dinner shows. One of the shows that many families love is Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach. Here you can talk like a pirate and sing like a pirate and enjoy fun times together making new memories. Another great one that many families love is at Medieval Times. Eat with your hands and enjoy some pretty amazing food. And while you’re eating, sit back and enjoy the jousting, horseback riding and interact with the show. This can be a fun outing to enjoy and spend time together.

Enjoy the Beach

Things to Do in Holden Beach in January

Spending time at the beach is what every family vacation to Holden Beach is about. Whether you have an oceanfront rental or a sound side rental, you will still have access to the beach. Bring the kids sand toys and let them build them the best sandcastle they can all while getting some much-needed energy out. Walk along the beach and collect seashells to bring home to remember your vacation. Sit back and enjoy the sunset together and just have a good time.


Golf during January must be one of many of our guests’ favorite things to do. The temperatures are mild, and no need to worry about the extreme heat. You’ll notice that the course may be less crowded, meaning you’ll get a little extra time at each hole. If you are unsure which golf course to choose, have no fear, as we have all the information for you to check out. Are you ready to play a game or two with the family yet?

While there are many other things that you and the family can do while you are on vacation to Holden Beach in January, these are the few we wanted to share. If you haven’t booked your next vacation to stay in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, now is the time. We can’t wait to see your family on your next adventure to the beach!

Plan Your 2021 Family Vacation Today

Plan Your 2019 Family Vacation Today

2021 will be here in a little over a month and it’s time to plan your 2021 family vacation. The temperatures may be cold right now, but soon it will be perfect vacation weather. Take advantage of planning your next family vacation to Holden Beach early to get the most out of your vacation. It’s always nice to have your Holden Beach vacation planned early so you can enjoy it.

Budget Time

Plan Your 2019 Family Vacation Today

The first thing that you will want to get a handle on is your budget. Planning any vacation can take a lot of time, but if you know what you can afford it will help. With a little bit of budgeting and knowing when you would like to go can take a bit of financial stress away. To get things started, have a family meeting to see what the family would like to do on vacation. For example, if you’d like to do a few activities and dine out, add that to your budget. Purchasing gift certificates before you leave on vacation will help keep you on track. You will have a peace of mind knowing that you can relax while on vacation rather than stressing.

Vacation Rental

Plan Your 2019 Family Vacation Today

One of the many advantages of booking your next family vacation to Holden Beach now is the choices you have to choose from. With many different vacation rentals to choose from you will be able to find the perfect one. No matter what kind of rental you are searching for, we have the right location for you. Here are a few other advantages you have booking with us over a hotel:

  • Location – We are able to offer you more options in a home than a hotel can. Whether you’d like an oceanfront home, second row home, pet-friendly home, we have them for you. You won’t get the “standard” view as you would from a hotel room.
  • Kitchens – All of our vacation homes offer you the perfect kitchen for your vacation needs. From small kitchens to large kitchens, you will be able to prepare and cook your meals here for your family.
  • Size – When you vacation, we understand that size does matter for your family. We wouldn’t want you all to be in one room, so finding a home that can accommodate everyone is just what you will get.
  • Amenities – Many of our homes have pools, hot tubs, grills, and other fun things for you to do. Vacationing in a home much more pleasant than a hotel room and you still can enjoy the fun.

Plan Your Actitivies

Plan Your 2019 Family Vacation Today

Many families like to plan their activities out before they even book their vacations. Sometimes your plans can change if it rains, so always remember to make a backup plan. There are so many different activities that you and the family can enjoy while you vacation. From heading over to Magic Mountain to enjoying some mini golf, there is something for everyone. And we are about 45 minutes from North Myrtle Beach if you’d like to try a few restaurants there. Being prepared for your vacation can help you and your family enjoy it a little more.

Now that you and your family have come up with a plan, it’s time to book your 2021 vacation. With the ease of booking your vacation online, we want to help make this vacation the best it can be. If you should need any help with booking your vacation, please contact one of our Vacation Specialists today at 800-842-6949. We hope that your family will be able to find the perfect Holden Beach vacation rental today for your next vacation!

4 Reasons You Should Book a Holden Beach Vacation Today

4 Reasons You Should Book a Holden Beach Vacation Today

Fall has arrived on the North Carolina Coast but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the warm sun, sand and the crisp air. Coming to Holden Beach during the fall months can be just as exciting as coming to the beach during the summer months. The beaches aren’t as crowded, and you can still have a great time with the kids. Staying in one of our Dog Friendly vacation rentals will keep your family together for some new memories to be made.

Spend More Time Outdoors

4 Reasons You Should Book a Holden Beach Vacation Today

During the fall, the days are filled with school, work and going back and forth with the kids to activities. Coming to the beach during the fall will allow your family to go gadget free and enjoy more time outside. The beach is a great place where you and the family can enjoy the great outdoors by doing a few new things you’ve never done. A few of the things you can take advantage of in the area are the Battleship North Carolina, Fort Fisher State Historic Park and the NC Maritime Museum in Southport.

Celebrate a Holiday or Special Occasion

Celebrating a holiday or special occasion is another way that you should book a vacation to Holden Beach. A few of the holidays that are coming up are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s which are all a great reason to visit the area. Many of the local restaurants have special menus for Thanksgiving Day dinners and even Christmas dinners. Celebrating these special times with the family can become a new tradition for vacationing at Holden Beach for years to come.

Reduce Stress

Did you know that when you go on vacation to the beach it can help reduce stress? Vacationing is a great way that you can reduce stress in your life. Many families who go on vacation may find that if they leave their work at home and let go of using computers or handheld devices for the week. This in return will allow them to relax, enjoy life and enjoy the quality time they get having the week off of work. When they go back home and back to work, they don’t seem so stressed out and they can enjoy life as usual.

Family Time is Important

4 Reasons You Should Book a Holden Beach Vacation Today

Spending time with the family is very important for any family. Often times at home it’s hard to get away from work, school or activities to spend some quality time together. Vacations are important to all families as they are able to relax and decompress from life at home. Spending the day at the beach, watching the kids play in the sand and build castles and while the parents are joining in. Just relax, let the kids have a good time and enjoy time spent together will allow you to spend quality time together.

There are many other reasons why you should book a vacation to Holden Beach today, but these are just a few reasons we thought you’d like. If you still haven’t booked your next vacation to stay in one of our Holden Beach Dog Friendly vacation rentals, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next vacation as you sit back and relax!

5 Beach Activities for the Whole Family

5 Beach Activities for the Whole Family

Do you and your family have a vacation planned to Holden Beach soon? Spending as much time with the kids while on your vacation can help you make new memories. Staying in one of our Oceanfront vacation rentals will keep your family close to the surf and sand. We have come up with a few beach activities that the whole family can enjoy below.

Build a Sandcastle Fort

5 Beach Activities for the Whole Family

Building a sandcastle is what many families love to do together but why not do something a little different. You and your family can build a sandcastle fort and make it fun for everyone. Grab the buckets and shovels and little sandcastle molds and make a fort like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Be sure to add a mote around the fort and add plenty of water to it. This is a great way to make new memories with the family and something fun for everyone!

Hopscotch in the Sand

Play a classic hopping game with the family by the shore. Use a piece of driftwood or a stick to draw the blogs along with their numbers. You can use seashells as markers, and you can hop along the shore and play this fun game. The sand may be a little hot so be sure to wear flip-flops or water shoes to keep your feet from burning. What a great new tradition to play with the family on your next vacation.

Bowling in the Sand

Enjoy a fun game of bowling to the beach by creating your own bowling alley in the sand. Bring a small ball to the beach, draw the lane with a stick and dig 10 holes in the shape of a triangle. After you have your bowling alley made, it will be time to play a nice round or two of bowling with the family on the beach. This can be played at any time of the day as your kids get to enjoy bowling on their own lane, they made themselves.

Build a “Snowman” from Sand

5 Beach Activities for the Whole Family

While it’s not quite time for the cold and snow, but you can still build a snowman from sand. With a bucket, sand, shovel and some ocean water, you have all the items to build the perfect snowman. To add the finishing touches to your snowman, have the kids collect shells and driftwood to add as the face and arms. Be sure to have loads of fun and take as many pictures as you can to capture the memories.

Build a Fort

Building forts or tents at home in the living room is always fun for everyone, but why not bring that idea to the beach. Bring a small blanket, sheet or a few good towels down on the beach along with some chairs. Then help build a tent or fort on the beach and let the kid’s imaginations run wild. This can be a great way to give the kids a little shade while enjoying the sun and the sand.

There are many more fun family activities that you can do on the beach together, but these are just a few we’d share. If you haven’t made your reservations for your next family vacation to Holden Beach, check out our Oceanfront vacation rentals today. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you make new memories in Holden Beach!

Family Fun Activities for Your Vacation

Are you vacationing in Holden Beach, NC this summer with your friends and family and are looking for fun things to do with them? Have no fear because we know of several fun activities in Holden Beach and surrounding areas for you to enjoy while on your vacation. And you are still looking for Holden Beach vacation home rentals that are pet friendly, oceanfront or not close to the beach this summer.

Fun Activities in Holden Beach, NC

For many going and sitting on the beach is what a relaxing vacation is just what the doctor ordered, but sometimes it’s nice to go and explore what the area has to offer with activities and more. Whether it is raining or not, there is something for everyone to do and enjoy on your vacation this year in the area. Some of the fun things you can do while on the beach in the evenings is to get a kite and fly it. One activity that is fun for all ages is to fly a kite on the beach in the evenings. Make sure that you have plenty of space to run a little to get the kite up in the air. Some of the best memories to be made is to fly a kite with your friends and family for years to come.

A fun activity that is good for you to enjoy is to head over to Magic Mountain Fun Park which has all the “old school” waterslides that many have grown up with. You will not be disappointed with visiting there and make new memories with your family on this vacation when you visit Magic Mountain in Holden Beach, NC. And when it comes to dining out because let’s face it you’re on vacation and you may not want to cook, there are several restaurants you might want to give a try.

Fun Activities in the Surrounding Area

Not sure what there is to do in Southport, NC and a little apprehensive over it? No problem, if you have ever seen the movie “Safe Haven” then you know Southport is a quaint little town with a lot of charm. As many locals and tourist love to head to a lot of the small shops in town and even might grab a quick bite to eat at one of the local’s favorite place, Fishy Fishy Cafe. There are many other places to eat at in town and you might find a new favorite while on your vacation.  When you are finished exploring Southport, then hop onto a ferry and go explore Ft. Fisher Historic Site or the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Myrtle Beach is a short drive from Holden Beach but if you are looking to do any big attractions or dinner shows then it might be a good pick. If you are looking for a nice kite to be able to fly on the beach, then head on over to Kligs Kites at Broadway at the Beach. There are so many other shopping options there and if you are looking for a fun dinner that night, go to Pirates Voyage which a fun dinner show fun for all ages.

 Make Those Memories Last Forever

No matter what you are looking for when you come on vacation to our area, you will find something for everyone in your family. Our rental homes will make you feel like you are at home, but will still feel like you are on “beach time.” Let us help you make those memories last forever with each family vacation to Holden Beach, NC.

How to Save Money on a Family Beach Vacation

girl playing in sand

A beach vacation whether for the family or just for spring break doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are some tips we’ll tell you about so that you and your family can have an affordable beach vacation without scrimping on the fun. At Brunswickland Realty we know all about vacations and saving money. Following are a few things you can do that will help you have the best and most budget-friendly beach vacation ever.

Planning Ahead

Take the time to plan ahead for your vacation and it will make a huge difference in how much you spend. By planning, you will be able to do most of the following steps without feeling pressured or stressed. Planning ahead of time also gives you the freedom to explore your options. When you start planning ahead you also allow time to plan your trip, set a budget, and save funds for your beach vacation.

Set a Budget

Frequent vacationers know that setting a budget helps you to fully enjoy your vacation without stressing about the cost. Be realistic and know what you can and can’t afford. A vacation shouldn’t break the bank or sink you into debt. By planning ahead you’ll be able to save your money for the vacation. You won’t be trying to scrape up cash or limit your activities because you waited too long to save what you need.

Choose a Vacation Rental

In most cases, renting a beach vacation home or condo is more affordable than a hotel or motel stay, especially if you’re traveling with family. What you gain in choosing a vacation rental over a hotel/motel room is better privacy, more space, more personalization, a kitchen, extra bathrooms, and just translates into more bang for your vacation buck. Vacation rentals are typically more affordable when you rent them for an entire week, as opposed to just a few days. Vacation homes and condos can meet your specific needs and wants by providing the amenities that are important to you and your family. Decide ahead of time how many bedrooms you need, do you have your heart set on a swimming pool, or does a big screen TV matter most?
grilling over campfire

Take Advantage of Free Things

By doing your homework ahead of time you can find many things in the area to do that won’t cost any money at all. Perfect examples of places that often offer free admission (or perhaps a voluntary donation) are museums, local festivals and events, historic sites, local parks and playgrounds, fishing piers, boardwalks and the beach. Bring your bikes along on vacation and you can explore the area for free!

Decide What to Spend Money On

As a family, decide ahead of time what to spend your money on. You can save a lot of money by not dining out, for example. Money that you could use to go charter fishing, jet skiing, or to an amusement or water park. Everything you need to know about the specific area you’re going to can be found online.

sunset at beach
If you have any questions about vacation rentals and condos, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Brunswickland Realty. We look forward to talking with you.