Nightlife on Holden Beach

Shot of a group of people toasting with their drinks at a nightclub

Do you have a vacation planned to Holden Beach, and you’re looking to have a kid-free night? Then look no further as we have found several places that you won’t want to miss. Staying in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals will keep you close to the fun. Let’s look below at our picks for the nightlife here on Holden Beach.

Castaways Raw Bar & Grill

Cocktails serves on bar counter prepared with gin, rosemary, papper and orange juice - Drink, nightlife, lifestyle concept - Focus on top crystal glass

Castaways Raw Bar & Grill is in the heart of Holden Beach, right across the street from the ocean. Here you’ll find a comfy seat with a view of the ocean and some delicious food & drinks. You’ll find items on the menu: Beer, Cheese Nachos, Fresh Seafood, Cheeseburgers, and more. Plus, listen to the live music they have, watch a game on the big screen or just sit back and relax. What a great way to “Get Lost” while on vacation for a kid-free night!

Mermaid’s Island Grill

Another great spot-on Holden Beach is Mermaid’s Island Grill. You’ll find them just under the Holden Beach Bridge, and you won’t be bored with the amount of fun they have to offer. With a full bar, live music, a tropical drink in your hand, and karaoke…there is something for everyone. Mermaid’s Island Grill has some great items on the menu, including Firecracker Shrimp, Gyro Chicken, Burgers & more. Think of the fun you’ll have on your night out in town.

Inlet View Bar & Grill

Young couple enjoying beer and sunset in a beach bar

Inlet View Bar & Grill is in nearby town Shallotte and has breathtaking waterway views. During the summer, they have live entertainment on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights for you to enjoy. Sit down, order some food, and relax as you take in the views of the water while listening to some great tunes. Make new memories with your loved ones this summer at Inlet View Bar & Grill!

While the nightlife on Holden Beach isn’t like it would be in nearby towns, it’s the perfect vacation place for all. If you haven’t booked your next vacation to stay with us in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, now is the time. We can’t wait to hear what you did on your next vacation to the island.